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December 27, 2013


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My dear friend, Cheeyev

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 1:42 AM

Dear Cheeyev,

I do in fact think you need to call some sort of doctor, to help you with your deep, deep, deep emotional problems. This is not a hate journal, but the fact that you need to make a journal telling everyone I told you to leave this art website is non-the-less pathetic. Please understand almost everyone's point of view... not your backers, you. I do not mean to drag on the "War" in your head, because quite frankly you just need to get over it. Have a nice long conversation with your mom or dad or something, and maybe they can go over what and what not to share with others on the Internet. It is with a deep saddening sensation that you need to post a journal about how "no one likes you". It is also saddening that you need to say how no one likes you just to get more views and to be "famous", as I quote. Take into consideration how others may feel when you post journals like these, just wanting someone to feel bad for you, putting others down. I would request an apology from all of the times you called me a hater ( fortunately i am not ) and for the times you have insulted my friends, however, I know you are too ignorant to do so. I might also add it is quite cowardly to block me, and hide behind your followers to defend you. It would be with great happiness to see you not make a fool of yourself almost everyday, and think before you try and seek attention. I am sorry if you do actually have 100 disorders and diseases, but I do think, in my opinion, this is just for attention. Note : this is an art website, not a place to mourn over how bad your life is, how much people "hate" you, and post "self-harming" pictures. Also note this is my full opinion on this subject, and I am indeed in-titled to my own opinion, as do your followers. It would be interesting to see what your take on this subject is, but again, you've blocked me. Although this sounds very out of reach, I would like you to unblock me just to talk about this situation. I await the your followers, and welcome them to a friendly conversation at this journal, however I am very sure it won't be civilized. Good day my friend, good day.

- Milan

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I just think he's got a case of: Needs moar attention syndrome
However I could be wrong, and if i am I sincerely apologise to him.
Aw geez, he changed his tagline to "Stupid A******"
I think the problem as well is that he's got an entire support group ( :iconprotect-cheeyev: ) which backs him up and deliberately attacks anyone with similar sentiments to you. I totally agree with this journal. Unfortunately, it seems that he won't listen to reason, so I guess there isn't really much we can do D:
UnbreakableEgg Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh he's had lots of journals like this offering advice, but oh no, sad little Cheeyev doesn't listen to it. He made a journal about this also.
"These two speak the truth... *sob* Not even a phytheripast can help me with my depression."

Sorry Cheeyev, but you've never given anybody your true reasons for being depressed, and like what other people also say, this probably is the attention seeking phase just gone a little(A LOT) too far.

<font>Honestly, if he's a troll, he's a damn good one.</font>
yeah true i agree. most people who are depressed would keep it to them selfs but he expresses himself online to get more hate. makes no sense
UnbreakableEgg Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know- and when you're currently going through that, usually people would stop posting that sort of thing online when their block list has reached over 10 for hate messages.
Imagining how long Cheeyev's block list is
Must be over 50
SatsuAyaka Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this is nice :> :retarded-clap: 
Dude, he seriously does need professional help! Check his featured deviation:…

Now, I may have only taken two psychology courses, but he sounds like he might be suicidal to me.

Or at least if he isn't now, he probably will be later in life. I mean, he's only fourteen, so it may just be a phase.

But his art really does suck, so it makes sense he feels like a failure. Frankly I don't see why he stays here at all.
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